The concept of Pure Soul began a number of years ago. The goal was to create a unique, contemporary and enjoyable sound, incorporating inspiring messages into the music that would penetrate the soul, and elevate the listener. It was a formidable challenge to create music that would be both easy to listen to and uplifting as well.

The album's ten songs consist of five completely in English, as well as five in Hebrew, two of which contain English lyrics as well. Each song strikes a chord in the listeners heart, and encourages a greater connection to Hashem (God). The underlying theme throughout the album is to rise to challenges of today's largely materialistic world, and rise to great spiritual heights. This can be our goal whether it's in our day to day living, or in the special opportunities we have to develop in our Judaism with a year of learning in Israel.

The title track, 'Flippin' In' was inspired by the young men and women who come to Israel and discover a whole new dimension to their Judaism. The deep and ancient wisdom contained in the Torah has the ability to light the spark of spirituality in anyone who truly has the desire. There are many young people today who are scared of the sudden change that seems to bewitch some of their friends who have gone off to Israel and come back more devoted to a Torah way of life. The message of the song is that there is an incredibly wholesome and deep world that one need not be afraid of, which can bring a person to an incredibly strong connection to Hashem (God). If one views the Israel experience in a negative light, it can profoundly affect the amount one gets out of his or her year. The goal here was to accentuate the positive aspects of that experience.

The album not only serves as a stage for the spiritual message, but also as an outlet for many to hear the incredible talent of some of Israel's best musicians. Avi Singolda, the featured guitarist on the album, has numerous solos on the album which can at times be deeply soulful, and times be full of tremendous energy. Singolda has been playing for many years on many albums, and is the guitarist for Israel's number one pop artist, Shlomo Artzi. Aryeh Volnitz, the album's bassist, lends a unique and essential foundation to the album's sound. He also has played with Israel's greatest pop artists. Avi Avidani is the drummer on the album. He is a young newcomer to the pop scene in Israel, but has already risen to great recognition and plays regularly with Volnitz. Ari Goldwag, the keyboardist and vocalist of the album, brings a deep, warm sound to the album, full of emotion and spirituality. Six of the ten songs were composed by him, with their English lyrics written by him as well. TA Agassi and Eli Julian provided their talents with the last four compositions.