1. Leolam
2. Bemay Matisyahu
3. Flippin' In
4. Up To You Now
5. Modim
6. (Maybe You're) The One I'm Lookin' For
7. Es Tsemach
8. Live In The Sky
9. Habet
10. With an Open Heart

All 10 song samples in one file



The first song, Leolam, gets the album started with a driving rhythm. The words are from the morning davening (prayers), and describe how the ideal for a Jew is to be constantly God-fearing, whether in public or private, and how one should be intellectually honest. The climax of the song is the second section, when we ask Hashem to accept our prayers, not for our own sake, but rather because of His abundant mercy.

Bemay Matisyahu is the second track. The words are from the special tefilla (prayer) said on Chanuka. It describes how Hashem helped the Jews in the time of Matisyahu, when they faced difficult circumstances, both physically and spiritually. The Greeks tried to seduce the Jewish people to abandon the ancient Jewish practices rooted in tradition, and replace them with the Greek ways that were in vogue at the time. God saved us and helped us rededicate ourselves to His service. We similarly ask Him to help us in our challenges today, which are similar in so many ways to the temptations we encountered then.

The title track, Flippin' In, was described at length in the section about the album. Briefly, the song's purpose is to bring home the point that the year (or more) a person spends in Israel has such an incredible power to enable a person to connect to Hashem and spirituality. It is essential that one enter this year with an open mind and open heart in order to maximize the gains that can be obtained.

'Up To You Now' is the fourth song, lyrics and melody by TA Agassi. The message of this song is so essential. Every person was put in the world for a reason, and has a special, individual purpose for his existence that no one else can fulfill. Once we have this recognition, we can set out on our path of self-discovery and make our way toward fulfillment of our life's purpose.

Modim is the fifth track on the album. It's a feel-good, easy-listening song with a simple, yet profound melody that just penetrates the heart. The message of the song is that we thank and praise Hashem, that He is our God forever. Avi Singolda really shines here with his great guitar solo in this song, which is over a minute long.

'The one I'm Lookin' For' is the next song on the album. It's a light track with a serious message that really rings with truth. The idea of the song is that every person needs someone objective to help him reach his greatest spiritual level in life. It is essential that that person be someone who has a spiritual outlook, as well as a strong dedication to the message of the Torah, and a sense of responsibility toward others. But even more important is that the person take a real, deep interest in those he tries to help guide. Until the one being guided senses his true concern for his charge, there will be no movement toward change.

Es Tsemach is the next song. It was composed by Eli Julian. It expresses the longing of a Jew for Hashem's salvation - for the times of Moshiach when the offspring of David will reign as king over the Jewish people, and God's presence will be manifest. The song climaxes with a plea to Hashem to hear our tefillos (prayers).

'Live In the Sky' is another TA Agassi song. The message is at times melancholy, and at other times poignant and uplifting. Taking the higher path in life isn't always as easy as one would like to believe it ought to be, and that is part of our challenge in life. Sometimes it can even seem like a far-off dream. But, 'to live in sky,' to live a life of spirituality is obtainable with concerted effort, and the rewards are endless. The satisfaction of a life lived with meaning is a great reward in and of itself.

The penultimate song of the album is 'Habet.' The song has a very classy sound to it, with Avi Avidani showing us his style with brushes on the drums, and a great percussion track as well. The song is a plea to Hashem for mercy for His people who have encountered dire straits.

The final track is 'With an Open Heart,' by TA Agassi. The message of the song is one that could easily be overlooked, but as the song itself says, having an open heart - being open to emotion and hearing the rhythms of God's universe - is so much more important than having an open mind. An open heart can be filled with love for Hashem, and for one's fellow man. It is the avenue we can follow to get in touch with what our soul really wants - to connect to our spiritual sides.